I am currently a lecturer at the Bren School of the Environment at UC Santa Barbara (UCSB) teaching Geographic Information Systems, and consultant for the Ocean Health IndexI recently completed a PhD at Duke University with the Marine Geospatial Ecology LabI have a MS in Environmental Science from Duke, and bachelor degrees in Aquatic Biology and Geography from UCSB.

For my PhD dissertation, I built predictive distribution models of marine mammals in the US Atlantic and British Columbia, then spatio-temporal decision frameworks for siting offshore wind energy development and routing ships to minimize risk of ship strike to whales. Past projects for which I've worked on include: OBIS-SEAMAP marine animal observation geoportal, Marine Geospatial Ecology Tools, Census of Marine Life Map & Viz, and species distribution modeling of cetaceans (RaincoastSERDP, Cetaceans & Sound Mapping).